Tuamotu cruise 9d/8n

Day 1 Tahiti-Moorea-Nav at night

Departure 7:30 depending on the weather if NE go direct Makatea
Anchorage Moorea 10 Miles
Departure 13h direction Makatea 133Mn (difficult navigation) up close

Day 2 Makatea-night nav

Morning Arrival Makatea the raised atoll
Ballad day in the island with Shean
Evening departure direction Rangiroa 50Mn

Day 3 Rangiroa

5:30 am arrival in Rangiroa view
10am anchorage passes Avatoru village tour,
Meal while sailing in the lagoon

14h arrival at Tiputa. 5Mn in front of the hotel Kia Ora
Afternoon: visit the pearl farm. Guided tours 8h30.10h30.14h
Or the wine cellar produced on the atol

Day 4 Rangiroa

Tiputa village tour
Diving with Yapluka Marco
Lagoonarium PMT attention strong current.
Aperitif at the hotel. Reserve in the morning for dinner
September Festivals and dances at the barracks

Day 5 Rangiroa

Reifs island (depending on the weather) 16M departure in the morning from 9am

Day 6 Rangiroa-nav night downwind

9 am departure island reef direction Tiputa village. And departure in the evening
night navigation to go to Tikehao 32 miles bearing

Day 7 Tikehao

Arrival 5h Tikehao fishing village
9am departure direction pink sand beach around Tavania
11am arrival beach of pink sands

Day 8 Tikehao- Night sailing downwind

Tikehao departure 8h30 visit of the village in the lagoon
departure after the tour of the village direction Tahiti

Day 9 Tahiti
Arrival Tahiti early afternoon full of diesel at the station and disembarkation

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