Private Cruises

Charter Maui offers private cruises in French Polynesia. From our rental base located in Tahiti every destination in Polynesia can be considered. The Tuamotu, the Leeward Islands are quickly accessible from Tahiti. The Marquesas are also a destination of choice that can be considered from November to February, the boat can be conveyed in advance to optimize your "Marquisienne" cruise .

A good knowledge of Polynesia allows us to help you choose your destinations and answer all your questions.

Our crew will be at your disposal in this unique private cruise that we will have defined together.

Whether you are a couple, a group of friends or a family, you can trust us to make your cruise unforgettable.

In a dozen days it is impossible to visit all the archipelagos: Austral, Gambier, Tuamotu Leeward Islands and Marquesas Islands.

We propose to visit an archipelago at a time (Leeward Islands or Tuamotu, the Marquesas only on demand between December and March)


you like water sports: diving, kiting, swimming, kayaking, sailing at night do not scare you, cultural places are not your priority, the Tuamotu are for you!

You like to swim, buy souvenirs, see cultural places, discover the culture of vanilla, make excursions on land, chose the islands under the wind and enjoy lagoon and mountains. Leaving from Tahiti and flying to Bora Bora, sailing will be shorter and quieter from there.

We are all more and more addicted to the internet, know that in Polynesia internet is quite expensive, and you don't have network or wifi everywhere. There are wifi hotspots (mana spot, you can buy credit on the internet) but the connection is often uncertain. Nevetheless, in hotels and restaurants there wifi is provided if you are a customer. Get ready to disconnect! Count around 2 access points for each cruise


Cruises sample
Wind Island catamaran cruise French Polynesia Moorea
Leeward Islands catamran cruise French Polynesia Bora Bora
South Marquesas catamaran cruise French Polynesia Hiva Oa
Tuamotu catamaran cruise French Polynesia Fakarava