Diving Cruises in Tuamotu

Charter Maui offers diving cruises with our partner TOPDIVE on the atolls of Fakarava, Rangiroa and Tikehau.
The cruise is still all-inclusive, our skipper and hostess will take care of you all along.
We bring the boat close to the diving spots depending on your program.

Over a week we recommend to explore a single atoll, Rangiroa or Fakarava are part of the largest atoll of Polynesia and 6/7 days will not be too much to enjoy all the dives and explore the most beautiful places.

From 10 days Tikehau and Rangiroa are within reach, the 2 atolls are close and host the most beautiful dives of Polynesia

Over 3 weeks it is possible to visit all 3 atolls, our advice is to start with Fakarava then Rangiroa and finish with Tikehau.

Lemon shark
humpback whale
 Plne wreck
Boat wreck
manta ray